Terms & Conditions of Business

If you have any queries please get in touch to discuss further.

  1. Delivery
    Anticipated delivery dates are provided as approximate and whilst every effort is made to meet these dates we cannot be held responsible for any delay, neither shall such delay constitute a breach of contract. We strongly recommend that you do not book decorators, curtains makers, upholsterers or other relevant service professionals until you have actually received your order and it has been thoroughly checked. No responsibility will be accepted for any fees from cancelled decorators and or other service professionals due to delays.
  2. Velvet
    The velvet used in the production of our curtains in perfect quality velvet, not seconds. Perfect quality shall be defined as the velvet shall be free of all major faults and flaws. Slight imperfections shall not be deemed as faults for the purpose of this definition such as within the regularity of the weave which is inherent in the manufacturer of velvet material; minute pin holes or tufts.
  3. Shade Variation, Creasing & Bruising, Pile Direction
    Whilst every effort is made to keep the colours constant we cannot be held responsible for minor shade variations from the sample colour or pattern book from which the customer has ordered. Every effort will be made to notify the customer if shade variation is found beyond reasonable tolerance. We cannot guarantee that the shade of any accessory/complimentary product will exactly match the shade of the fabric/wallpaper. It is not always possible to avoid some creasing or bruising from occurring during the handling or packaging of your curtains. We guarantee that all creases, bruises and pressure marks will ‘hang out’ within the maximum of 12 weeks provided that the curtains were removed from their original packaging and hung from tracks/poles within 7 days of receipt. All curtains are made ‘pile down’. Should the customer require curtains to be made ‘pile up’ then it must be specifically requested and written on this order.
  4. Measurements
    It is your responsibility as the customer to ensure that the finished length of the curtains indicated on this order is correct and in accordance with your requirements. We guarantee the actual length of the curtains will be within ½” of the measurement shown. If tracks/poles are not fitted at the time measurements are taken, then the customer is advised not to fit the track/pole until the curtains have been delivered to ensure these are at the correct height. We cannot be held responsible if the curtain lengths do not fit the position of the tracks/poles if these were not fitted at the time of the measurements having been taken.
  5. Alterations
    Any alterations to the specifications and details written on this order can only be accepted within 24 hours of the date of the order. Any complaints or queries must be notified in writing within 14 days of receipt of the order.
  6. Returns
    As per the Consumer Rights Act 2015, you have a legal right to reject goods that are of an unsatisfactory quality, unfit for purpose or not as described within 30 days of receipt. It is strongly recommended that all products are thoroughly checked up on receipt and any issues or discrepancies are notified in writing as soon as possible. No returns can be accepted once the goods have been cut, used, treated or fit in any way. We are unable to accept return of non-faulty bespoke orders (paint, wallcoverings, tailor-made products, etc) or partial orders (fabrics, wallpapers, etc). Please check specific care instructions for products before purchasing. For non-faulty returns; you would need to contact within 14 days of receipt of the goods. A refund of the original cost charged (including basic carriage) will be given however, the cost of returning the parcel / goods is payable by the customer.  Please note a handling charge may be applicable and we will provide more details when arranging the return. If you contact outside of the 14 days of receipt a credit note may be available.
  7. Price & Payment
    The price quoted on this order is for the items and services details on this order. Any additional services such as hanging and supplying curtain rails, rods or any other service shall form the basis of a separate agreement and shall be charged extra (where applicable). All balances are due on this order upon collection or delivery.
  8. Fitting
    Any areas to be covered must be clear of furniture, ornaments and appliances prior to the fitters’ arrival. If you require the fitter to undertake area clearance this can usually be arranged (at extra cost) provided adequate notice is given. Please provide notice of any pipes or cables which are close to the fitting area. Neither the company, nor fitter, will be held responsible for damage unless such hazards are brought to our attention before work commences. It is your responsibility to ensure access to a suitably clean floor. This includes premises where building work is being carried out. Please advise us at the time of ordering if your walls are not standard as certain walls can cause problems during and after fitting. If any remedial work is required the fitter may make an additional charge. Remedial work may also result in the fitting being delayed. In certain cases it may be necessary to fix to your window frames. If this is unacceptable please inform us immediately, as alternative fitting methods will need to be discussed. If possible, we request that the customer is present for the arrival of the fitter so details can be discussed. This includes such decisions as the height of the tiebacks, position of the valances and clearance of curtains from the ledge/floors/etc. If the customer chooses not to be present when the fitter arrives we will fit using our best judgement but any alterations will be chargeable.
  9. Hand Woven Fabrics
    The charm and characteristics of hand dyed, hand woven fabrics lies in the irregularity of the weaving, and as the yarn is dyed prior to weaving it may also appear to vary in shade. These are perfectly normal characteristics, which add depth and texture and should not be considered as faults. We would recommend dry cleaning. We strongly recommend that the curtains be protected with a good quality curtain lining. The fabric colour and pattern match are not guaranteed. Please note; natural and hand woven fabrics will have slubs as well as thick and thin yarns, and may not colour fast to direct or reflective sun or artificial light or washing. Part of the charm is that no two lengths are identical.
  10. Pole Wraps & Scarves
    Pole wraps and scarves are casual and relaxed methods of window dressing. Our curtain fitter will do their best to interpret your requirements. But as with any artistic commission, results cannot be guaranteed. If you require a more formal approach we would be glad to discuss any alternatives prior to ordering.
  11. Roman Blinds
    Whilst roman blinds are pleasing to the eye, and fashionable, there are inherent difficulties in the manufacturing which should be apparent. Roman blinds are made from curtain fabric which differs from roller blind/vertical blind fabric as it is soft and not always specifically manufactured for this purpose. It is not possible to manufacture roman blinds to exact millimetre sizes. The reason is that although we cut the fabric to exact sizes and manufacture blinds to exact sizes, the final steam process causes fractional rates of shrinkage to different qualities of fabric. However we do guarantee the blind will be within 15mm of the sizes specified on this order. Checks & Striped Fabrics: These fabrics are designed for curtain use. Normal curtain manufacturing tolerances are not considered ideal for what we would consider to be a satisfactory appearance on roman blinds. Although we would make blinds from striped/check fabric, this is carried out on the understanding that there is no guarantee the stripes will be vertically aligned with the sides of the blind and on the checks the squares will run exactly with the top, bottom and side edges. We trust you will find this information useful and our staff will answer any queries and show you samples if necessary.
  12. Silk Fabrics
    Natural silk has probably been dyed using vegetable dyes. Usually those dyes on silk will not guarantee light fastness and your silk fabric WILL fade. Thus we recommend that is it not used in circumstances where it is exposed to direct or reflective sun or artificial light and in particular in rooms with south facing aspects. We advise that where appropriate, lining and interlining be used. If it is for curtaining it is prudent to reduce the leading edge. Weaving variations will occur as they are a characteristic of silk and add to the sophisticated lustre and texture and should not be considered as faults. The fabric colour and pattern match cannot be guaranteed. If you cannot accept the characteristics of silk then we would recommend selecting an alternative.
  13. Quality Control
    All fabrics for tailor-made orders are checked upon receipt by our staff. If the fabrics are found to be within reasonable tolerance we will proceed with the order as agreed. You will be notified of any discrepancies before the fabric is cut, used, treated, fit in any way.
  14. Wallpaper
    Wallpaper is a customer ordered item and is non-returnable unless faulty. You may be able to reserve surplus rolls if required. Should your wallpaper be faulty, no claim can be made if the wallpaper has been cut, hung, used in any way. Certain wallpaper providers will only guarantee the use of the wallpaper providing their own brand of wallpaper paste has been used to apply the wallpaper and lining paper.