Hallis Hudson

4oz 135g Wadding, HWAD137135



4oz 135g Wadding, HWAD137135 by Hallis Hudson.

  • Brand: Hallis Hudson
  • Brand MPN: HWAD137135
  • Width: 137 cm
  • Composition: Polyester
  • Flame Retardant: BS5852 part 2 source 2
  • Barcode: 526846061

14.2 in stock

14.2metres in stock


4oz 135g Wadding, HWAD137135 by Hallis Hudson has a wide range of uses such as quilted bedspreads, tiebacks and upholstery. Available as 135g (4oz) per sqm or 200g (6oz) per sqm weight options, with the thicker 200g (6oz) wadding having a more luxurious softer look and feel.

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