House Decor Ltd

Roman Blind Metal Chain – Brass



A Roman Blind Metal Chain in colour Brass, ROMCHABRA.

  • Brand: House Decor Ltd
  • Collection: House Decor Ltd
  • Colour: Brass
  • Suitable for: Roman Blind Tracks
  • Barcode: 401125

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A top quality metal roman blind chain in colour brass is designed to be used with our Roman Blind Control Units and fits both old & new systems. This chain can be used with our Easy Break Joiners (available separately) and our 1:1 control units to help meet the new Roman Blind Safety Legislation BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014. When using this chain with easy break joiners, the loop of the chain needs to be a minimum of 60cm off the floor. When using a Continuous chain, the loop must be a minimum of 150cm off the floor & MUST be fixed to the wall or window frame with a Safety Box or Clip (available separately). Price is per Metre.

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